This is to help you learn to build cool stuff with redstone.


If you don’t know what redstone is, good. This means your life hasn’t been corrupted by Minecraft yet. But if you do know what it is and have no life, stay here. You just might find something interesting…


Redstone is the red powder used in Minecraft to conduct a sort of electrical current. Things that can “generate” this current are levers, buttons, redstone torches, & pressure plates.

 power sources

Levers create a current until you decide to turn it off, buttons only give out a short pulse. Redstone torches are like levers (kind of, it’s a bit more complicated, but that’s a whole other post), and pressure plates send a signal as long as something is on top of it.  In Minecraft everything is made from blocks, a kind of unit of measurement in the game. An example would be that your character is two blocks high and can jump one block high. Redstone can only travel a certain number of blocks: this number happens to be fifteen blocks.


Now, this would make redstone completely overcomplicated if it weren’t for repeaters.


Redstone repeaters can be placed at the end of the signal to boost it out fifteen more blocks. You can also add a delay to your signal by adding “ticks.” A repeater at one tick has both of the little torches next to each other.

one tick

You can go up to four ticks by right clicking until they are farther apart.

four ticks 

Repeaters are NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE comparator!!!! Comparators do not boost the signal!


They are mainly there to confuse people. But if you want to you can use it to make things called clocks.


(Make sure that the third torch is up by right clicking!)

This is not a clock you tell time with! Very common misunderstanding. A redstone clock basically loops a never ending signal around creating a series of steady or random pulses, depending on the clock. Players can also use the signal to open/close any iron/wood doors, open/close gates, activate pistons, lamps, dispensers, droppers, noteblocks (they make a sound depending on what they are placed on top of and what you set the pitch to by right clicking), & T.N.T.



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  1. that was cool thanks

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