This is how you create an Item Elevator

Remember that you don’t need to use the same color blocks that I do in your build!

elevator 1

Once this is done add a tower of droppers–NOT DISPENSERS–on the bottom right corner of your area. I used 6 for demonstration purposes, but you may use more or less if you want. just repeat the pattern! If you do not know how to stack droppers, just crouch and place. This works with putting any block on other items too such as chests, hoppers, etc.

elevator 2

Now, in front of those droppers put a comparator going into a block with a torch on the left side.

elevator 3

Next add a block on top of the torch, one next to the torch, and on the second dropper.

elevator 4

With this in place, add dust on top of the middle block and a redstone torch on the right side.

elevator 5

Now just go to the other side and place a block above the comparator (crouch & place), a comparator on that, and then a block in front of that.

elevator 6


elevator 7


elevator 8

Just repeat this pattern until you’re done!

In the end, mine looked like this.


When it is finished I recommend putting a chest or hopper on top so the items don’t spew everywhere.


While I was using this I noticed that when items are placed into the bottom dropper they go up at like 10 at a time, it stops for a sec then sends like 10 more up. Eventually they all got to the top, but I just found this strange. Please tell me in the comments if this happens to you too. If so, it would be cool if you could tell me why!



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