Moving villagers is actually really easy.


The first method you can use is the water stream method.



Everything you need to know about using villagers with water is in that picture. One thing to keep in mind is that when transporting them straight up, it’s best to leave a sign or ladder in between each water source block so that your villagers don’t drown and die on the way to where you want them.


The second method, which is a little trickier and more annoying, is the minecart method.



All you need to do for the minecart method would be some tracks, a minecart, and some villagers to transport. Once you have the track going where you want it to, just place a minecart on it and push a villager into it by crouching and carefully nudging them towards the cart. Once they’re in the cart, just push them on, or use powered rails to send the on their way.

Now, I say that this method is more annoying because pushing villagers can be a little finicky, and so is trying to get them into the cart (sometimes they don’t get in on the first try).

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